The Artist
There is always something brewing in this place! I dare say, far more than my life allows time to develop. But for now, I’ll simply post pictures of what’s going on and an explanation of the image’s meaning.
Linen: Jewels Underneath

The Current Series

The current series in process is “Linen.” I loosely use the word linen to describe the idea of fabric, things we use to cover and enhance us. Click to see more…

Previous Series

I'm Listening, a throwback to the signature work of John Coltrane, this work explores the process of "listening and responding.. Click to see more…
Sailing under a Penny Moon

What Else is Brewing

Not everything becomes an "Epic Adventure." My journey is as much about the 'shiny pebbles' found along the way as it is about the larger picture This link contains "one offs," ideas that come and go. Click to see more…
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