I have heard “A Love Supreme” counties times. Read a biography about John Coltrane’s life, especially concentrating on the portion of his life where he created this giant of an album. I listened to the songs, felt their purpose and the praise of God in every note played. So this series is dedicated to a man’s search to represent his communion with God.
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I'm Listening

For me, seem like most of my life has been filled with "static!" Noises, sounds, voices…someone's guidance, another's insistence and even the emotions and pain of someone else. Of course, my opinions, inner guidance, as well my sense of right and wrong (though I don't always choose 'right') has been there as well. "I'm Listening," captures the sense of ALL the input, even the sense of God's guidance as well as 'gentle urging.'
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A Response

Like "Im Listening," "A Response," is equally chaotic. It is equally "all over the place." We can go 'left' or 'right.' We can stand still or continue on…what is wise, what is brave; what decisions have consequences and are the consequences worth the 'sacrifice?' We are always faced with a response to all the input. Even while I paint, often I am 'steered' a certain way: "put this color over here, make a circular mark, there." But it is completely my choice to do so…consequences or rewards…one may never know the full picture…
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Sometimes "expectation" is quiet, other times - more often than not - it is active and full. There are times, it seems we are waiting on 'pins and needles.' We find ourselves pacing or unable to rest…our sense is that SOMETHING is about to happen, something big!
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Clear Channel

That place, that time, when everything comes together. Our hearing as well as our response flows evenly and natural, as if "this" is how life is supposed to be.
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