It's All About Me Right?

Naw, It's All About Us!

Art is more than a single person's expression; it is the spotlight of a moment, a capturing of emotions and thoughts in (slow down…breathe, let the wind capture your anxiety for a moment…) an instant. Art in many forms is taking the obvious and subtleties of our lives and holding it up for us to consider. Art transcends culture, geography and a single people group. it really is ABOUT US!
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I am a visual artist, working in multiple mediums. I love the scratchy sound of the pencil as it goes back and forth on paper. To see oil paint as it glides across the surface of a canvas…layers of water colors, overlapping, creating colors and and textures is pure joy…And the dusty, bright colors that come from pastel…

I have been told that a "professional artist" works or at least presents themselves in one media. Perhaps…maybe I will never be considered a "professional." For now, I work in my multiple medias of: Oil, Acrylic, Water Color, Charcoal, Pencil and Colored Pencil.

One thing I found out about me during this journey called life, is sometimes, choices are many, the paths to one's destination are just as many. This year, I'm choosing to place myself and my work in the public.

Visual Art is a a collaborative effort. It is a representation of an individual's observations. We are all observing, measuring, seeing and perceiving. But the process is both inside of us (our soul) as well externally. Thoughts, feelings, opinions are occurring all the time - The Human Condition. And as an artist, we are tasked with bringing these components together to present to you, the onlooker. Titles and Names are attached to give a handle to hang one's thoughts/emotions upon.

My work is for sale, either as an Original or Print. Feel free to
contact me if you are interested in anything displayed in the following pages.

Thanks for visiting my site!
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