The Linen Series…
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Linen: Jewels Underneath

As with so many pieces, it began with an empty canvas; paint loaded on a brush and not sure where to start. So I started at the top and worked my way down. Left corner to bottom right, letting the ‘concept’ take shape. Over days period I discovered the pattern the shape and before I knew it, it was drapes of fabric, overlapping, the beauty of folds and patterns underneath. Later on, at some point, I took note that there were these “jewel colored” tones near the bottom, almost peaking out, perhaps revealing something beneath…The theme of discovery, revelation and the concept that what is not seen has more value than what is…
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Remains Calm

"We" are all calm on the surface, but underneath, there is energy brewing - constantly! Energy in the form of conflicting thoughts and ideas, we are as full of fears as we are faith…and sometimes our choices aren't made from a "wise place." Sometimes, we do stupid things and we lose our cool…"Remains Calm" reveals the energy (which is good, bad and indifferent) within us, just below the surface.
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Storm's Coming

Though some "revel" in a storm (the dramatic winds, the dark and violent clouds) and others cower in fear, it is with a sense of 'awe' for all of us, when storms come. With the "Linen" series, the idea here is that even our surface, the parts of us we hold dear, can be shaken and the strongest among us is rattled by the 'storms of life'
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